Steering Committee

WS-I activities are managed by a Steering Committee that includes:

  • Micah Hainline, Asynchrony Solutions
  • Mike DeNicola, Fujitsu
  • Joel Fleck, Hewlett-Packard
  • Steve Holbrook, IBM
  • Ram Jeyaraman, Microsoft
  • Girish Juneja, Intel
  • Jeff Mischkinsky, Oracle
  • Martin Raepple, SAP
  • Prasad Yendluri, Software AG


The Steering Committee meets by teleconference. All WS-I participants are encouraged to raise issues for discussion through the Steering Committee mailing list or by getting in touch with any of the Steering Committee members individually. WS-I participants are invited to attend Steering Committee meetings as Observers.

Minutes of each Steering Committee meeting are posted to the Member Section mailing list; the archives of this list are publicly accessible.


Steering Committee members are nominated and elected by the OASIS WS-I membership in an open process. Each elected Steering Committee member serves a two-year term. For consistency of management, terms are staggered so that five seats expire one year and the other four expire the following year. See the Rules of Procedure for more details.